30th march 2001
I will be away (white-water canoeing) in Europe till begin of May.
23rd march 2001
Windows-binaries added for the version 0.1
21st march 2001
First version is out. Give it a try ;)
With the release comes some nice demo-scene to get an idea what POV can do.
20th march 2001
Now dead groups are removed from board and the grid looks better now .. the new board looks something like this :
20th march 2001
Rendered the first image from a game. The rules are not written yet (remove dead groups), but at least you can take a look at the image ;).
And the grids are misaligned too ... but stay tuned ..
19th march 2001
First POV-output, but the output was not from a parsed file. Since its object-oriented I can develop on the parser, the viewer and the output simultaneous.
15th march 2001
A new layout for the homepage, no more frames. Its nothing special, but thats not what counts, ey ?!