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Go 2 POV

Version 0.1 released

So here we go ! Grab the release from the download-section at SourceForge. Two versions are out, Linux and Windows. The Linux/Unix/anything-version comes uncompiled, with all the sources.

"Go 2 POV" is a small tool for writing Go-games into POV-files, ready to render. The Go-game can be retrieved by parsing SGF-files.
Its hosted by SourceForge, developers should take a look at the project-homepage for CVS, Forum and all the other SourceForge-goodies. The web-stats can be viewed here.

New render demo

Contact me : Weasel75
My homepage: hanspete, a Go-text can be read there
The (maybe) best Go-related site on the internet: Jan van der Steen (tutorials, Go-problems, dictionary, tons of SGF-files with games from amateurs up to the Pro-league, .....)